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Elder Jason A. Chambers, Current Pastor

Elder Jason A. Chambers is the second and current pastor of Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly. In April 1997 at the age of 16, Elder Chambers was baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the precious gift of the Holy Ghost while still in the baptismal pool at Calvary Tabernacle under the pastorate of Revered Paul D. Mooney. Elder Chambers visited Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly several times with his family as a child where he saw Mika Burt and declared to himself that he would one day marry her. Eventually as a young adult, God led Elder Chambers back to Agape where he became a member in 2002. On August 1, 2003, his declaration came to pass when he married Sister Mika Burt, daughter of Bishop Gary and Sister Sallie Burt. Elder Chambers is the father of two young boys; Samuel and Nathan Chambers. Elder Chambers has a servant’s heart and from his earliest days as a member of Agape, he was found working in and around the church. Throughout the years he has served on various auxiliaries and ministries such as His Majesty’s choir member, Chosen Generation choir director, bus driver, sound room technician, Sunday school teacher, Omega Cornerstone community outreach, youth leader, church cleaner and head deacon. He has hospitably opened his home, visited the sick and prayed for many saints and dear souls while showing compassion and empathy. As a public school educator for 20 years, God was preparing Elder Chambers all along to work well with various people of all ages while teaching and engaging his students in meaningful ways. Bishop Gary Burt named Elder Jason Chambers as his pastoral successor on April 23, 2023. Elder Chambers was bestowed the mantle of Bishop Burt’s ministry and legacy and will continue the soul-winning work of Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly. He envisions that Agape will be a church where people can begin their journey with Christ and feel supported as they grow and mature in their walk with God. From new babes in Christ to seasoned saints, it is Elder Chambers’ mission to lead Agape into continued evangelistic endeavors to win souls for Christ and to truly love people to life. 

Sister Mika Chambers, First Lady

Sister Mika Chambers is a founding member of Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly. She was just 10 years old when her father, Bishop Gary Burt Sr. founded Agape in her childhood home. She remembers the days of preparing for Sunday services by forming an assembly line with her mother and siblings to set up chairs and move furniture around to form a sanctuary in their living room on Saturday nights. Sister Mika Chambers watched her parents work together in ministry building the foundation of Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly from its beginning. Sister Mika Chambers was baptized in Jesus’ name at a young age at Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly under the pastorate of Bishop Benjamin T. Moore Sr. The summer before her freshman year of high school, Sister Mika was registered for TM camp by her parents. They encouraged her to come back with the Holy Ghost to which she silently responded, “yeah right!” because receiving the Holy Ghost before high school was not a part of her plan. However, God had other plans for her life and she received the Holy Ghost in July 1991 at the anointed campground in Zanesville, OH. Sister Mika Burt was married to Elder Jason Chambers on August 2, 2003. She is the loving mother to her two sons; Samuel and Nathan. Sister Mika has an infectious and caring personality which she has used for God’s glory as a praise leader, altar worker, choir member, usher and youth mentor. She has opened up their home, prepared meals, been a prayer warrior and a listening ear while bringing joy and laughter to many. Sister Mika Chambers became the First Lady of Agape Apostolic Faith Assembly when her husband was named pastor. Sister Mika aspires to follow in the footsteps of her mother, the late Sister Sallie Burt, by being a Godly example in word and deed as becometh holiness. She looks forward to serving in ministry alongside Elder Chambers to win people to Jesus and supporting them on their journey as lifelong followers of Christ.

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